“Echoes” from the Central Mediterranean

New publication from the civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (CMRCC)

“Echoes” appeared with its first issue during the transborder summer camp in July 2022. In the headlines of the front-page, the main message was clearly expressed: “It makes a difference! — Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (CMRCC): this is not a future idea or a long-term vision. No, it is already a daily practice!”

Since several years already the civil fleet – composed by the hotline of Alarm Phone, by the airplanes of Sea Watch and Pilot Volontaires and by the various bigger and smaller rescue ships –  had to fulfil the gaps left by authorities in the international areas of central med search and rescue zones. Since 2019 the process of a civil MRCC started by the engagement of various members of rescue organizations, who were convinced in the need of a stronger communication and cooperation to counter the deathly EU-policy of non assistance and pushbacks.

During summer 2022 the civil coordination developed into a new dimension. Nearly every day, people on the move are rescued or supported to reach a place of safety. Against this background an editorial team of the civilMRCC was founded to give more visibility to the realities at sea, a bi-monthly release is intended.

In September 2022 a 2nd issue was published and find the table of contents of both issues below, attached afterwards the respective PDFs.

Echoes No. 1 

What is the civilMRCC +++ Diary of Rescue Coordination +++ EU border externalization in the Central Mediterranean: a system of forced return to Libya +++ Gorden Isler, Sea Eye experience of transshipment: “There are no reasons to hesitate” +++ Vos Thalassa: The right to self-defence for people at risk of being pushed back to Libya Amplifying Voices -Solidarity with self-organized Refugees in Libya! +++ Criminalization – Free El Hiblu3 campaign. From Sea to Prison: the criminalization of boat drivers in Italy

Echoes No. 2

Diary of Rescue Coordination +++ Missing at the Borders – CommemorAction! +++“Who is afraid of the boogeyman?”: thoughts shared by Alina Krobok (Sea Watch) about transshipments +++  From “Place of safety” to “Port of destination”: a worrying signal from the Italian authorities +++ Voices from Tunisia: the consequences of the EU deadly border regime on relatives, fishermen, and the locals +++  Endless struggles at the borders: searching for the missing, caring for the dead +++ A solidarity platform to support those accused of driving boats to Europe