TSS Meeting in Bologna 27-29.10.23: Breaking the Barrier


The meeting will take place in Porta Pratello (Via Pietralata 58, 40122 Bologna) and in Granata (Via San Rocco 16, 40122 Bologna).

Friday, Oct. 27th


Welcome (Porta Pratello)


Opening event (Porta Pratello)

War, right-wing surge, racism, exploitation: where do we stand?

We are experiencing a phase of political turmoil. The war in Ukraine, after the pandemic,continues to sow death and destruction,and is worsening the social and economic conditions under which we are living and fighting. But the war is not limited to Ukraine. Escalating attacks by Turkey in Rojava, and the horrendous violence of the renewed war in Israel and Palestine show the global intensification of war politics, and underline the necessity of developing critical tools to face this situation without being trapped in geopolitical dynamics…[read the complete description]

Saturday, Oct. 28th


Workshop 1 (Granata)

Our ecological transition. Finding ways to fight for the climate as a class

To discuss ‘our ecological transition’ means focusing on how to direct our collective efforts as militants, workers, and unionists towards a radical system change. We need to organize on a transnational level by connecting our claims and finding common terrains to act, by recognizing the tensions,  differences and contradictions that divide struggles that are already going on within and against the green transition – from workers strikes in variegated productive sectors to social movements openly asking for a ‘just transition’ – so to turn them into possibilities for a climate class conflict…[read the complete description]

Workshop 2 (Porta Pratello)

The reproduction of our lives: subverting patriarchal, racist and neoliberal domination

This workshop co-organized by Transnational Migrants Coordination (TMC) and Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational (E.A.S.T.) presents a discussion on the reproduction of our life. We want to start from the material conditions of life under the current racist, patriarchal and capitalist oppression, meaning the different and hierarchical conditions in which we are forced to work and live; the racist migration policies deciding who survives and who dies at borders, as well as who wastes lives in camps and detention centers, and works for the lowest wages under the blackmail of a residence permit…[read the complete description]


Workshop 3 (Porta Pratello)

The transnational wager: constructing new potentials for organizing

In this section we want to pick up one of the major commitments we undertook after Frankfurt and tackle the current mismatch between the transnational reality and the forms of collective organization. We want to address the current pitfalls and possibilities for organizing by discussing the transnational dimension as a challenge and a political wager. We want to explore the potentials of the transnational social strike as a process for triggering connections and reversing the balance of power. We want to elaborate common discourses and strategies to strengthen our collective capacity to intervene across borders and conditions in time of war. To dare to win again…[read the complete description]


Plenary (Porta Pratello)

Permanent Assembly Against the War: fighting the normalization of war, for a transnational politics of peace

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Permanent Assembly Against the War has called to oppose the war in Ukraine and its global effects by taking a stand on the side of women and men, migrants, lgbtq people, and workers who are refusing the war on every front and every day, while paying its price also with their life. This is what we have called a transnational politics of peace, which is increasingly urgent in front of the war in the Middle East. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not new, and it has a history of apartheid, violence, segregation and exploitation which nobody should deny. What is new is the world disorder exacerbated by the war in Ukraine in which this bloody confrontation explodes…[read the complete description]

Sunday Oct. 29th


Final Plenary

A political infrastructure for transnational politics

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For information about registration and logistics of the meeting write to tssmeetingbologna@gmail.com