Ever since Fortress Europe started to deter migration, to force people on the move to take ever more dangerous routes, to detain, to exclude, to remove whomever dares to questions who has the right to move and who does not, people have resisted. People have continued to move, have found loopwhole and secret routes. And every since, people have found together to fight for freedom of movement and equal rights.

First transnational meetings to coordinate activites against deportations and to support refugees and migrants beyond borders took place already in 1996. The noborder network appeared in 1998 in the first noborder camps. During the last 20 years a manifold spectrum of networks has appeared and developed an impressive continuity, a continuous struggle for freedom of movement and equal rights for all.

This website wants to show this struggle, highlight the different networks, places and groups that make it up today, reflect on the last 25 years, and discuss the path ahead.

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