Post Scriptum


All articles for this brochure were written and composed before March 2020. Thus still in pre-Corona-times! The global crisis by the virus raises the ques- tion: how to imagine the right to flight and migration in (post-)Corona times? In the face of states of emergency and intensified re-nationalization our strug- gles for freedom of movement and equal rights seem to be even more on the defensive.

At the same time, the confrontation with the virus reveals more openly than ever new fractures. „There is no alternative“ – the credo of neoliberal capitalism is questioned. Austerity is upside down, and everybody can see at least, that cuttings in health systems or the precarity of care work is unsus- tainable. New opportunities for emancipative struggles?

Borders are still and again used for selective exclusion and exploitation. One blatant example in Germany: While in April and May around 80,000 har- vest workers from Romania are flown into local asparagus and strawberry fields with charter planes, 50 (!) unaccompanied minors from the EU-initiated disaster hotspots in Greece are allowed to enter Germany only after a tough struggle. And authorities and coastguards in Italy and Malta have used the health crisis to normalise the already existing practice of non-assistance and left to dying at sea.

No question: we have to move within the ambivalences of the new crisis and we will continue in our daily struggles. Freedom of movement is a prac- tice and a vision in the same time. And a practice of transnational solidarity in every time.

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