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From Helsinki to Brazzaville, from Tangier to Izmir – the Transborder Summer Camp brought more than 500 activists from more than 90 cities together. An impressive composition, a series of exceptional discussions, plenaries and workshops – and many inspiring encounters and exchanges: in our evaluations we all agree, it was unforgettable and inspiring!

We once formulated the goal “to build and extend infrastructures for freedom of movement and equal rights”– and we think this is exactly what we managed to do in those six days at the ZAD near Nantes.

The initiative for the camp was started by Welcome to Europe, but many other networks got involved and mobilized and prepared for the camp. We decided, not to do an open call-out, but rather, to approach groups and initiatives, whom we knew from all our networks and through concrete projects, individually. As a result, friends, who are active on the ground, informed and invited more friends, who are also involved in their local struggles.

The atmosphere in the camp was characterized by mutual respect and an interest to learn from each other, by an eagerness to create more exchange and even better cooperation along all routes of flight and migration and in the transit and destination cities.

Of course, this brochure cannot reproduce and cover all exchanges and discussions in the camp. But it includes several texts and articles, which are exemplarily for the spectrum of topics and as well for the whole approach of this summer camp.

The message was very clear at the end of the camp: we go on, from the local to transnational level, and we will not give up fighting for our demands. Despite increasingly hard and repressive times and against the ongoing roll back of migration control, we will continue our daily struggles and structures against the border regime.

Within the last months we reflected again on the camp in several meetings and already we pre-decided: we want to come together latest again in a similar composition in summer 2022, after three years. This brochure might help to keep the idea vivid as well as the contacts. We hope, that more people, who like this kind of activism, who missed the last camp or who just started initiatives with a similar approach, can also find to us – for the daily struggles and for the next Transborder Summer Camp.

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